Why own a holiday home

Welcome to ALYF, where smart ownership is revolutionising the way Indians own, enjoy and earn from their holiday homes. Our unique fractional ownership model brings added benefits such as zero maintenance, on-demand services, rental income, and more. Curious to embark on a life where holiday home ownership is hassle-free and rewarding? Download our guide now

  • Effortless property management

    Liberating you from the mundane tasks of property management, ALYF takes charge of overseeing your property. When you're ready to visit, simply arrange your stay effortlessly through our dedicated owners' app.

  • Get best return from your property

    ALYF optimizes your asset's utilization by maximising rentals. Beyond our proprietary rental platform, StayALYF, we harness the reach of renowned online rental platforms to enhance occupancy. We are committed to providing unparalleled guest experiences, ensuring each stay is memorable.

  • Simply relish the pride of possessing a home in a coveted destination, accompanied by gratifying returns

    Smart Owners can book via our app and get real-time insights on their balance days, the available dates and cancel or modify bookings if plans change. You can book from 2 days till 2 years in advance.

Get best return from your property

ALYF transforms how Indians own, enjoy, and earn from holiday homes. With our unique fractional ownership model providing zero maintenance, on-demand services, rental income, and more, explore a hassle-free and rewarding holiday home ownership. Curious to know more? Download our guide now.

Your Path to Homeownership : A Step-by-Step Guide with ALYF

Browse Our Aspirational Properties

Explore a curated collection of aspirational properties that redefine luxury living. Our portfolio at ALYF showcases meticulously selected homes, each embodying the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

Speak to our Relationship Manager

Embark on a personalized journey to homeownership by connecting with our dedicated Relationship Manager at ALYF. Committed to understanding your unique aspirations and needs, our expert guides are here to offer tailored advice and support.

Visit the property and book if you like

Immerse yourself in the essence of your future home - visit our properties firsthand and book your dream space with confidence at ALYF. Experience the unique charm and features of each residence, guided by our commitment to transparency and excellence.

Purchase your dream Property

Transform your aspirations into reality as you take the definitive step to purchase your dream property with ALYF. Our seamless and client-centric approach ensures a stress-free and empowering buying experience.

A step closer to your dream home

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